Commission Empire Records has finally released its most anticipated mixtape by UK rapper, Simon sez.

The Liverpudlian rapper, and member of UK Hip Hop Group Enter the Commission, brings something unique to the hip-hop scene with his first solo project. ‘Genesis – The Curse and the Blessing‘ is the 19-track compilation of lyrical artistry, defeating any MC spitting mediocre bars.

The 2-part mixtape consists of Part 1 ‘The Curse’ and Part 2 ‘The blessing’. Genesis’ is an honorary piece to any artist’s bittersweet journey of being musically gifted, yet having to deal with the trials and tribulations, a rapper on the come up has to face.

Genesis – The Curse and the Blessing’ is an ode to boom-bap hip hop. A well crafted masterpiece with standout tracks such as ‘Behind Iron Bars‘, ‘Lost in the art‘, ‘No Lies ft Big Boss‘ and ‘Gone Forever‘.

A worthy download for lovers of hip-hop, and its yesteryears.  |

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