maxresdefault (1)A handsome supplement of soul, is served out by AHI’s new single ‘Soul Checked’ which intends to inspire listeners to be what they want to be, and grow and finding themselves just like he did. AHI’s ‘trademark’ sound is levelled in spiritualism, mixing the strumming guitars and folky edge of Mumford and Sons and the soulful rasp of Joe Cocker.

The singer from Canada has explored the wider areas of America, honing his identity, and shaping his musical voice, unifying people from different ethnic backgrounds and transcending music of all races together in one ‘indie soul’.

His soft tenor comforting and easy on the ear, with gospel roots underlining the passion of the song. It is also spiritual, and this lifting of the spirit is what makes the song a must listen.The violins enter and give the song an atmospheric feel, as it builds creating a sound that is reflective and poignant as it is forthcoming in looking to the future.

The song is simple, with little variation in textures, tonalities and chordal sequences, but it is a song that puts out a strong message, that people should retain hope and endeavour to achieve their dreams at any cost.

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