S.O.S is 22-year-old Sophie Debattista out of London. She’s an electro-pop artist who’s studied and received her BA in songwriting at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. She’s also been cutting her teeth performing live in the UK scene for a while now. Her experience shows on her lead single “Bittersweet,” which is featured on her forthcoming EP Edges Of The Mind.

BittersweetS.O.S has a mature, somewhat husky, vocal for her age. “Bittersweet” showcases this as it finds her singing over production that’s a bit of mysterious feel to it. A solid rhythmic electro beat pulsates under what sounds like a dark yet mystical atmosphere. It’s an instrumental in which she’s able to show her range when comes to giving individual lines and points in the song emotional resonance.

“Bittersweet” is still pop but is subdued enough to tell a weightier story than an average pop song. It’s a tale about a man who’s so dedicated to professional success that he doesn’t have to for love and affection, so he pays for it instead. He knows she’ll leave, and he’ll be empty and lonely again, but because of his priorities, the behaviour becomes a vicious cycle. It’s a song with a lot of depth and shows her strength as a songwriter.

More than anything “Bittersweet” tells me she’s honed her skills as a songwriter and vocalist. Its production shows she’s into creative and unique to who she is. It’s an excellent track that leaves me interested to hear the rest of her EP Edges Of The Mind.

S.O.S unveils the pulsating new single ''Bittersweet''
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