MISS really want to make sure you’re ready for their new song. The chugging, churning bass-heavy intro of Smokescreen lasts for well over a minute, building in intensity until you just can’t take it any longer.

While Smokescreen came out over a year ago, it is rightly enjoying a new lease of life as the opening track of Do You Feel Electric?, the duo’s debut EP. It’s a dark, dusky song: the deep guitar plays ever-more urgent loops of melody in the opening quarter, before giving away to the main body of the song.

The lyrics are dark and demanding and sung with a matter-of-fact pain that cuts listeners acutely. Drawn-out notes fade into nothingness, adding to the bittersweet atmosphere. The harmonies are gorgeous, and the ever-changing instrumentals are reminiscent of the self-contained but related movements in classical music.

As the track builds, elements of the previous movements within the song become entwined, lending a dramatic quality to the sultry alternative rock. It’s melancholy, yes, but also deeply affecting.

When the song ends – all too soon, all too abruptly – you’d be forgiven for thinking a whole album had passed by. In reality, it was only four minutes.

Written by Veronica Wells

Sound of The Week #5 | MISS - SmokeScreen
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