“Naïve” offers honest lyrics and mesmerising vocals!

Iman, a British artist from London, recently released her latest single, “Naïve”. The track is slower than some of her other releases, such as the extremely danceable “Golden”, but offers a great combination of beautiful, emotive vocals and ambient, electronic acoustic elements. Starting with Iman’s powerful voice and soft piano chords, the song conveys a sense of falling in love without constraints, through both the lyrics (“Coz I like the way I’m falling, no safety net and it’s cool”) and the gentle melody that absorbs the listener.

Iman isn’t new to this soulful electro-pop style of music, having written and toured with popular drum and bass group Rudimental and been asked to write for a Kanye West project. You can hear the influence of Iman’s experience with these artists, and her love of musicians such as Disclosure, Jessie Ware and Annie Lennox, throughout “Naïve”.

Although the song may not be the most innovative, with its standard ballad lead-up and progression, Iman’s lyrics are passionate and her voice is hypnotic. This is a song that gets better with every listen, with Iman’s silky smooth voice luring the listener back for more.
Written by Cat Huntington

Sound of The Week #7 | Iman - Naïve
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