Ether L 9 releases ‘’Strange Being’’.

In her own words , Ether L 9 defines ‘’Strange Being’’ as follows : ‘’ Best described carefree its very much self explanatory being careless about others judging what you project as a person .As many use pretence as a shield on the surface others on the other hand manifest all emotions through various avenues to another it may seem completely out the box .. similar or just too different for a level headed society android to comprehend. These strange beings seek solitude in a space that is out of the perimeter looking in by a spotlight mentally to project each ones random thought that may seem nonconformist or semantically addressed.Taping in means that  the listener reads between the line of each context to make a visual pattern .Enjoy ‘’


Produced by DmProd Beatz

Mixed by Shai Sevin Red tape

Featuring Leon X as Sample vocal backing

Additional vocals by Ether9

Performed by Ether L 9


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