The combination of a catchy, melodic hook coupled with a verse of snappy rap bars is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to hip-hop, but when done well can still be a potent force.

Sullee J, a Pakistani-American rapper raised in Baltimore, manages to conjure up this effect with distinction on his new single ‘Me, Myself & I’, with a sing-along chorus and reflective punchy lyrics that most of us can relate to.

‘Me, Myself & I’ might be destined for the charts, as it certainly has crossover appeal; it is probably more suited to being a summery hip-hop anthem for the mainstream, than it is competing with the gangster-influenced, bling-obsessed hardcore of American rap, or the hard-hitting, vocabulary-heavy hip-hop underground.

Having underlined his potential on this single, look out for more from Sullee J, who certainly has a large potential fanbase  on both sides of the Atlantic for his future releases.

Words by Richard Garside 

Review | Sullee J unveils brand new record Me , Myself & I
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