Of all the misleading app names out there, Audiosplitter is probably one of the top contenders.

Smartphone apps as substitutes for real life equipment are nothing new. In fact, I’ll come right out and say that I love my iHandy spirit level app. It comes in pretty handy when I get all OCD about my shelves and picture frames. So I hope you’ll forgive me for being pretty stumped when, after downloading the Audiosplitter app, I was faced not with a smartphone audio splitter, but with a music community and sharing platform.

The basic premise of Audiosplitter is that it acts as a repository for all your favourite Soundcloud and YouTube tracks. By adding the Split It button to your browser’s toolbar, you can then “split” or share tracks you like to the audiosplitter community and have all your favourite tracks in one place.


The community aspect is of course central to the Audiosplitter experience. The more people you follow, the bigger your music collection grows, as all split tracks get shared between followers. The payoff is a constantly updating stream of new tracks for you to discover.

On paper, this is a really great idea that will benefit independent musicians and lovers of independent music alike. It is also backed by a beautiful and very sleek-looking interface.

Audiosplitter’s main flaw is that it may be a bit too clever for its own good. The concept is a bit much to digest at first, and I’ll be the first to admit to having spent quite a bit of time going over the FAQ and googling the app before I figured out the basics.

The second drawback is that you cannot really reap the full benefits of Audiosplitter unless you grow your network. This is a recurring theme in most new tech, as a social media or community element has become ubiquitous. The result is a chicken and egg situation: you cannot really reap the full benefits without a community, but the community will not grow unless it has been hooked and finds reason to return.

All this being said, Audiosplitter is not just a pretty original idea, but also a useful one. The potential for it to take off is there, if only the developers put some thought into making the concept a bit simpler to understand.

The Audiosplitter app - splitting is caring
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