London based rock band The Survival Code have released a new video for their single Ragin’, which appeared on their July 2015 album MMXV.

The video, mostly shot in black and white with occasional bursts of colour, takes the viewer on an anxious journey through the urban environment. This approach complements the band’s classic rock musical sound. It draws on a strong tradition of modernist art going back to the late 19th century and early 20th century, when people started trying to encode the anxieties and unique stresses of living in a modern, urban environment into their works. The Survival achieves this goal with a somewhat claustrophobic chase past a stark backdrop of brick walls and brick buildings.

These building blocks combine to form a frenetic mood, matching the vocal and guitar sound of the track. The track itself has a classic rock track with somewhat updated vocals, which feel inspired by developments in indie and alternative rock. The very low melodic content of the guitar creates a slightly stale overall sound, but there are not many other complaints that one can make about this track on the musical side.

A strong jolt of anxious nostalgia successfully delivered by this band!

Written by James Cullen

Review | The Survival Code release their brand new video for Ragin'
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