Troy Noka is a Grammy-winning producer and rapper out of Austin TX. He’s been grinding for quite some time and is known for introspective rapping but also his production. Still, he’s also adept at incorporating pop into his sound in 2015 he released ‘Perfect Sense” with Natasha Bedingfield which is a strong track.  This time around he flips 22-year-old British pop artist Tyni’s “Fighter.”

Tyni’s original which really is equally great on its own as an effervescent electro-pop track is given a trap spin on Troy’s remix with tattering percussion and a more chilled sound in comparison to the nearly 80′s pop feel of the original. There’s also warbly electronics in the background as well on the remix that gives it that slick sound. Troy also drops a short verse toward the end of the track which fits the subject matter but to me didn’t necessarily add or take away from the track as a whole. Still, it’s a very enjoyable iteration of the original track.

3.5Overall Score
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