Vardo and The boss


A band who is definitely one to look out for in 2014, is Colchester indie rockers Vardo and the Boss who have unveiled their new track ‘Days To Come’.

The track opens with a bouncy guitar riff, which quickly descends into angelic vocals which from the get go, offer a sense of intrigue as to where the song is going to go. With the added drum beats that complement the sultry vocals of lead singers Laura Wyatt and Lauren Francis, they blend together to create unique harmonies which go hand in hand with the changing pace of the guitars. The mix of the gritty yet feminine voices together, creates something unique and memorable. The chorus defiantly catches the attention of the ear, with a mix of chants and soaring high notes which showcase what this band can offer vocally. It’s roaring climax with the crashing drums and silky smooth vocals colliding together with the haunting middle 8 beforehand, which shows another side to Vardo and the Boss sending chills down the spine in the process. The final chorus explodes into action, as the song ends on a triumphant note leaving you wanting to hear more from this band.

Written by Harry Towse

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