J givens, not to be confused with the equally talented John Givens (who happens to be his cousin), isn’t a familiar name on this side of the Atlantic. But that’s what OTCU is all about or nah ? The Las- Vegas rapper gives more grit than glam as he shares his single from his new album (out now).

The video features himself and fellow Humble Beast label-mate Odd Thomas of Beautiful eulogy. The pair are seen playing a game of dominos – 10, 2  – throughout the song. I wont pretend to know what it is but seems a lot easier to grasp than russian roulette. Givens doesn’t waste a thing, and the game not only pays homage to the city of gambling, Rather it exemplifies the inward games we play within our minds; convincing ourselves that we’re winning but we’ve already lost so much. How much did you pay to get in ?
It’s not like any video I’ve watched before. Shot on a 360 degree camera, you literally control what part of the video you want to see at any time. This feature has only worked on Google Chrome. On other platforms, it will show you everything at once ..I know right,what a trip!! It’s like a home video shot from the future yo!
Just to close, the beat reminds me of Dr Dre’s signature melodic heavy base lines, lending to the cool slickness of the track. The content is deep, so expect deep even though the visuals are simple. I gather that’s Givens point. We’re too distracted by what we see outwardly, to think and way up the inward.
Dude’s new album “Fly Exam” is available now
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