Grab your flower crowns, everyone, for the seventies are returning with more layers, more sophistication, and more Norway. Oslo duo, Mona & Maria have appeared on the scene with their first single, ‘My Sun,’ from their debut album.

While ‘My Sun‘ may remind you of the pre-hippy era, don’t be deceived. Mona & Maria bring a new air of grandiose, subtlety, and sophistication to the typical light, dreamy airs. Though the two are experienced in songwriting, after being a part of the Bazooka Boppers, they used their new album to experiment more with the harmonic dynamics of their two voices. One cannot deny how easily their tones blend in this single. Additionally, they acquired the accompaniment of several, accomplished Norwegian musicians to smooth out the already silky tones.

Though the album, My Sun, was nominated for a Nordic Music Prize last year, Mona & Maria are only now making an appearance in international circles and are certain to evolve the current, more aggressive, music scene into a lighter but intricate fancy.

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Written by Brittany Burns

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