When I think of Bath, I think rolling hills, yellow Georgian buildings and of course those Roman spas. One wouldn’t expect to find an emerging Gospel scene, but you know what they say – music transcends borders, pushes boundaries (I made that up … copyright pending).

Since signing with Bath based label “Orphan No More”, debut single “Rise” from her EP “Back of the Wind“. I can’t help but think of Katy B’s girlish tone, just  remove the sass and voila. Her scats and do-baps are divine, riffs that’s would make Regina Spektor blush. I hesitate on labelling her sound, I sense that there’s more to her than the liberty she embodies.

The video gives me Nirvana “Teen Spirit” vibes. No, there’s no scene of anarchy or any sought of social uprising, rather the opposite. So why the reference? Rachel communicates the dawn of revelation; the newly found peace and fresh zeal that comes from finding truth. Truth that’s real, truth that awakens and revives, truth that changes things and causes everything to essentially rise and submit to this truth. I think Kurt Cobain was asking, demanding for this “finding of truth” as we all have. To entertain us in a deeper sense, create a lasting satisfaction and joy. Everyone teen and ex-teen alike can identify really It pulls you along enchants you. The video that really capture this.

Scenes of Rachel driving through the streets with her “woes” in a comfortable, reflective silence. Camp fires, colourful smoke, face up towards the heaven. I can’t help but long for summer again.

Listen to the EP here. Also available on Spotify.

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