If someone was to ask you, “What is it about your music collection that stands out?” What CD would you go reaching for?

This was the very question I got asked. I had to stop and actually think, what is it about my own music collection that stands out?

The answer was simple.The Variety. I brought one of my favourite albums, “Breakaway” by Miss Kelly Clarkson, which will always have a permanent place in my collection. I still occasionally play the album, since it brings back so many memories from my teenage years.

Everyone must have atleast one Michael Jackson album in their collection, right? “They don’t really care about us” is pure perfection. A song with so much meaning. His albums have actually never left my collection. You can’t go wrong with a little old school, and no one does old school better than Frank Sinatra. I just have to listen to “Young at heart” and know that I was born in the wrong era.

Today, you’ll find me listening to Ed Sheeran, who has guaranteed himself a place in my music collection with just one album. Also the beautifully talented Lana Del Rey, (who, I personally think was put on this planet to sing just to me) and her album “Born to die” which is one of the best things to ever grace this world.

I think music tells us a lot about a person. I wonder what people would think of me based on my music collection?

What is it about your music collection that stands out?

Picture Source : Gizmodo.com

Written by Ana Cristina Viegas

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