For as long as I can remember, music artists have teamed up to collaborate on songs and switch things up a little. Some of these collaborations go on to be huge successes for both artists, while others, make us want to cut our ears off!

The music industry is always changing and I have to ask myself, “what makes a music collaboration good and when do you know, to draw the line?”

Thinking back to my favorite collaborations as a kid, the one that stands out the most was P Diddy featuring Faith Evans on ‘Missing you’. It was the perfect blend of two major superstars of their time, coming together to make a unique song for a dearly missed friend. The lyrics were sung truthfully, the melody was touching, and as a outsider you felt this was a song full of emotion.

Then comes the not so great collaborations of our time, in my opinion, Beyoncé teaming up with Lady Gaga on ‘Telephone’. To me the song was not only rubbish, but flooded Music TV Channels as well as radio stations. Lets not forget Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber teaming up for ‘Beauty and the beat’.

Everyone has their own opinion on whether two artists on a track work well together, or whether the song was even worthy enough of a collaboration, and should have remained a one-man show.

But an icon collaboration has to be…when it was first released as a single, everyone, and I mean everyone loved it. I could only be talking about the hit single ‘Dilemma’ by Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland. This was one of those rare musical moments where it just clicked. Two people, completely different in musical styles, never having teamed up before, come together and make world wide success.

If a music collaboration is done right, if it gels well, it can be perfect, for example, Wiz Khalifa ft The Weeknd ‘Remember you’. However, if there is no connection, it becomes a generic effortless song,  something along the lines of and Britney with ‘Scream and Shout’. Which again in my opinion, what were they thinking?

What would you say is your most and least favorite musical collaboration?

Written by Ana Cristina Viegas

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