Following the release of their first self-titled album in 2011, British indie band, WhiteMoor has made an explosive comeback with their second album, ‘Horizons‘.

Dean Jackson of BBC Radio has said that “This album really is astonishing. I’ve been driving around listening to the album all week. The forthcoming single from the album ‘This Is…’ is sensational”.

As the title suggests it is a widening of sound. The band have explored new ground on this album, particularly in ‘All I’ve Ever Known’. They’ve blended their well-known brand of post-apocalypse pop with a hip-hop feel.

With singles ‘High Lights’ and ‘This Is…’ (opening and closing the album), the album’s pivotal moment is ‘All I’ve Ever Known’. It’s got a soar and fall verse to a chorus, that will make your insides tingle. But that’s not enough – they add a spectral backing to a fast talking rap (by the featured Motormouf) to bring in something unexpected yet entirely fitting.

The band’s different musical influences is obvious in their sound. Guitarist Barrington is influenced by early indie bands, with the tone and style of Jonny Marr, which is evident in his guitar riffs. Whereas vocalist Benny, would say Noel Gallagher is his main influence.

Their first album had a real feel of early stereophonics, and received many positive reviews especially from The Telegraph, who called it “Infectious ear pleasing melodies”. However, having listened to their new album numerous times, their experiment with indie/rap fusion is different – yet very unique.

There are some good hooks and creative riffs on Horizon, not to mention some ambitious orchestration. But, all of this only comes through with successive listens. Essentially this is a pop band peforming a rock record, going textbook with orchestral swells and shiversome drum falls. | ||

Written by Amy Watson

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