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10 Things Linkin Park Should Do For Their Next Album

As Linkin Park head back to the studio to record the follow up album to their heaviest album to date The Hunting Party, I’ve decided to write a list of things they should do to ensure their next album sells more than their previous three albums. A Thousand Suns, Living Things, and The Hunting Party were all special in their own way but they’ve all failed to be certified platinum in both the US and the UK.  One of the main reasons this has happened is due to the lack of music videos the band have been releasing in recent years. Some of the music videos they have released have been inferior to the ones their released during the Hybrid Theory, Meteora and Minutes To Midnight era.

The marketing strategy for The Hunting Party really puzzled me, I’m not sure who decided to release “Guilty All The Same” without a proper music video and “Rebellion” without a music video at all. And most singles were released too close to each other in the space of 6 months. Well, whatever they tried it obviously didn’t work.

So here we go then.

Co-produce the album with Emile Haynie.

The Grammy Award winning producer Emile Haynie has produced and co-produced some of the most memorable songs in recent years such as “Mr. Rager” (Kid Cudi), “Afraid” (The Neighbourhood), “Runaway” (Kanye West), “Locked Out Of Heaven” (Bruno Mars), and Linkin Park’s own “Final Masquerade” – having a producer of his distinction could help the band bounce back to mainstream prominence.

Release the heaviest song as the first single.

Let’s say 3-4 months before the albums release date they release the heaviest song on the album as the first single along with a music video directed by the bands DJ Joe Hahn.

Release a radio-friendly song as the second single a month before the albums release date.

Premier this on BBC Radio 1, then a few hours later make it available on digital stores and streaming services. Release the music video the following day.

Have 12 songs on the album, include 2 never heard before bonus tracks as part of special editions of the album. 

Most Linkin Park albums feature 12 songs, but the bonus tracks tend to be live versions of previously released singles (except “No Roads Left” off Minutes To Midnight), I think the band should try changing that.

Get Joe Hahn involved more on this project.

We need to hear more of Joe Hahn, it can be a few scratches here and there or even his own solo track like “Cure For The Itch”.

Let Chester Bennington be the sole songwriter for at least one song.

Mike Shinoda is the principal songwriter of the group, but if you’ve heard Chester’s side project Dead By Sunrise’s album Out Of Ashes, you’ll know he’s capable of writing something great too.

Mike Shinoda should try this sing-rap thing. 

As Mike’s singing ability continues to improve, vocals similar to that of “No Roads Left” is something we’d like to hear more often but he also raps, so maybe he could try this sing-rap thing ala Kid Cudi.

Collaborate with at least 4 artists on the album.

On The Hunting Party, they collaborated with legendary rapper Rakim, Page Hamilton of Helmet, Daron Malakian of System Of A Down and Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine. It would be great to see them collaborate with Kendrick Lamar, Elle King, Benjamin Burnley and Aaron Pauley of Of Mice & Men.

Release 6 singles with music videos.

Promotion = sales. And YouTube is the #1 search engine for music fans.

Tour the UK

Linkin Park fans in the UK have been patiently waiting for a UK tour for quite a long time. A tour over here would maximise sales of their album.


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