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Jordan James: “The whole writing process was very organic, I felt free to write without any boundaries”

Having already released the brilliant ‘Love Waves’ EP recently, Londoner Jordan James is starting to attract more and more attention with his blend of old school R’n’B and electronic sounds. Here he talks to me about his music, influences and dream collaborations.

Which song that you’ve written are you most proud of and why?

Loving in Sin’ would be my favourite song I’ve written so far. I remember watching a film with a lover at the time and the line ‘Loving in Sin ‘ came to me. I think the film was American Psycho (best film ever). The line wouldn’t leave my head for ages and around that time, I had started working on ‘Love Waves’. This was the first time I wrote a song without having to note anything down on paper. The whole writing process was very organic, I felt free to write without any boundaries.

Who are your influences and how have they influenced you?

I would say my influences come from my parents. As a kid I grew up on a lot of MTV, VH1 etc. My parents are huge Prince fans, so I was heavily influenced by a lot of his music and artists like D’Angelo, The Smiths, Bob Dylan, MJ and PM Dawn. I learnt a lot about adapting styles and putting it into my own material. Listening to artists like Prince helped me a lot with singing and arranging vocals. By listening to Bob Dylan I learnt how to write simple songs, which helped me a lot growing up.

How does it feel to have your first EP out?

To have my own alternative R&B EP feels good. To go from not being able to sing two years ago, to now have a body of work with me singing on it is a big stepping stone in my eyes. I was producing music in the four walls of my room for about 7 years, before I decided I wanted to sing as a career. The response so far has been great and I’m just looking forward to showing everyone what more I can do.

Are there any particular times/genres in music that are important to you?

I wouldn’t say there was a particular time in which it was important to me; but I can say there was a time when music was at its best, in my eyes, in the early 2000’s especially for British music.

Where do you find the inspiration for lyrics of your songs?

Real life situations are my inspiration when I write a song. Every song on the ‘Love Waves’ EP is real life events and emotions.

Is there anything you have set out to achieve with your music?

Push the Alt-R&B sound in the UK – tour the world with my music, find peace within myself and inspire people to be creative and free.

Is there anyone you would love to collaborate/tour with?

I would love to collaborate with someone like Jhene Aiko; I think our vocals would sound so nice together. And to choose an artist I would tour with, I would pick Jessie Ware, her music is so refreshing and cool. I’m really digging her stuff at the moment.

You have a lot of social media profiles. Do you think these are important for musicians today?

Nowadays it’s all about connecting with people. The internet is growing every day with new music and listeners want things fast. Having social media websites in general is great, especially for people like me that want to show the world their creative thoughts and ideas.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

The plans I have for this year are to release my first solo video and continue the ‘Love Waves’ saga.


Written by Charlotte Pearson

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