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Hip Hop

5 Minutes with…the UK’s finest Hip-Hop Trio, Midas Touch (PT.2/2)

Part 2. Interview with Midas Touch continued…

Hip hop is a genre that is very influential to its listeners, what messages are you trying to relay to the UK with your music?
AKS: Music in general, especially lyric driven music, is influential to its listeners. I try not to encourage the idea that it’s specific to hip hop alone. That being said, there are certain stereotypical connotations that go along with the public perception of hip hop and generally that’s what’s celebrated by industry. I guess I’m just about providing some sort of balance back. I’m no gangster, I’m no killer, I’m no drug dealer. I’m a boy with a dream, who grew up in a place where that was the backdrop, but took a different route. That’s a story we don’t hear too much of…let us tell it.
J The Exodus: Music is about expression and any message can be conveyed through it. We choose to speak about our environment, thoughts, history, society etc. Our message may be regarded as uplifting or conscious but in reality we are giving a perspective.
Phoenix Da Icefire: Build instead of destroying, educate yourself, study your surroundings and most importantly in order to see a change in the world you must first change the world within yourself.

Who is Midas Touch currently listening to and impressed by?
AKS: In my opinion J Cole’s “Born Sinner” album is the best of this year’s offering so far. Rhapsody is someone I celebrate a lot and I’m big fans of Kendrick & the TDE camp. Closer to home I’m reaching for my counterparts, the likes of Shakka, YJ, Nick Brewer, Little Simz, Joel Culpepper, Tawiah (so many more I can name) It’s great to see people starting to transcend who have been bubbling on the underground for a while.
J The Exodus: Ab-Soul from TDE is who I’m really feeling right now. I’m also taking a lot of inspiration from D’Angelo’s career, he’s an artist I admire.
Phoenix Da Icefire: Kendrick Lamar

Both as individuals and as a trio, what would you say are your best achievements to date?
AKS: Getting a co-sign from Roc Nation’s Young Guru was and still is a big deal for me. In many ways starting out in Hip-Hop, I looked at Roc-A-Fella Records as the archetype for how units should function. So having a definitive figure from that outfit, and someone who I consider to be a major voice in hip hop not only attend my launch, but give me those kind of words of encouragement is beyond compare. Hard to explain the feeling when someone you admire reciprocates that admiration. Can say the same thing about people who I now consider friends, TY, Swiss, Speech Debelle…the list continues. It’s amazing!
Phoenix Da Icefire: Well for Midas Touch I feel that having our video single “Special Vibe” being showcased as Best Video of the Week by the MOBOs was big. For me as a solo artist I’d have to say supporting the legendary Big Daddy Kane and having him tell me that my performance was really good, was pretty much the biggest co-sign I have ever got to date.

What does Midas Touch hope to achieve in the future?
AKS: To be honest, there’s no real set goal for Midas. As a collective we’re just having fun making the music that we want to hear. We’re happy that people have taken to us and the music thus far, and the longer that continues the better. I can see from all the coverage we’ve been getting that we’re being called ‘Renaissance Men’, maybe we’ll just ride that wave.
Phoenix Da Icefire: At the moment we are all working on solo projects but we are all brothers so I’m more than certain you’ll all hear something from the three of us in the near future.

What is Midas Touch currently working on? Will AKS, J The Exodus and Phoenix Da Icefire also continue to pursue solo projects?
AKS: Now that would be telling, you’re just going to have to keep your eyes peeled and wait and see! If you know anything about us, you should know we like surprises. Talking is one thing, doing is quite another…and we’d rather just DO! But I’ll leave you with this….#TrainOfThought.
Phoenix Da Icefire: I have just finished a mixtape called Silver Casket with my brother Black Chronicle, hosted by Teslas Ghost from Triple Darkness and beat matched and scratched by Dj Roastbeatz, I’ve also just finished an album under my Triple Darkness crew member name “Solar Black” entitled Winged Scarabs which will both be released next year. |||

Written by Nikita Rathod

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