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Leanne Robinson: “Coming from The BRIT School doesn’t give you some sort of advantage or a head start”

Having just dropped her latest EP, “Exhibit B”, and her single “Not Your Love”, we caught up with East London singer Leanne Robinson to discuss her influences, the X-Factor experience and much more.

At what moment, did you realise music was your passion?
Since I can remember I’ve sang. But I think it really hit me, when I first visited a studio. There’s something about hearing my voice loud through the speakers. It was as if I was meeting myself for the very first time and it moved me to tears. Not because I was particularly good, because I was 12, and EXTREMELY pitchy! But it was as though, I was receiving confirmation from my own heart that I could really be the singer I had always dreamed to be.

Who and what sorts of sounds inspires you as a musician?
My inspiration spans across so many genres and artists. I find as I become more mature as an artist, this keeps expanding. However, my initial inspirations came from what I consider to be ‘The Greats and Legends’; Whitney Houston, Ella Fitzgerald, Steve Wonder, Michael Jackson and Prince. These are artists I’ve known and listened to from a young age and have helped me along my musical way.

As someone who made it to the final 6 girls in 2012’s X Factor, how did you find the process?
Like everything, it had its highs, middles and lows. But overall, it was a really fun experience and I learned a lot about myself as an artist, performer and person.

What are your thoughts on achieving success through the X Factor route as opposed to other means?
It works for some and not for others. If you try it and it doesn’t work… Find another route. Simple!

As a Brit School alumni, what are your thoughts on claims that BRIT School graduates have an unfair advantage?
I strongly disagree. Coming from The BRIT School doesn’t give you some sort of advantage or a head start in the race to success. Many of our biggest acts today DID NOT go to BRIT; Ed Sheeran, Labrinth, Tinie Tempah, Emeli Sande… I could go on. It’s just a fun, cool place to be and study what you love.

‘Not Your Love’ sounds like a personal track. What is your process and inspiration when it comes to writing songs?
When writing my own stuff, I try and make every song personal. It’s a difficult question because there’s no set way to ‘be inspired’. Like music and life, inspiration is spontaneous and has no respect for time. I just hope it comes to me at times where I’m able to write or record it down because some ideas come once and never again.

What can we expect from your forthcoming EP ‘Exhibit B‘? 
Exhibit B is a development of Exhibit A. There is more production behind the songs, my sound and style is really beginning to come to together. You can expect better written songs and more experimental rhythms and vocals. So if I were to say that in two words…. GOOD MUSIC!

What does Leanne Robinson want to achieve as a singer?
As a singer I want to tour and sing to the world. I want people to look at me and think… “If she can do it, so can I.” I want to bring hope and positivity and raw honesty with my music. To set the example that being who YOU are is enough.

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