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5 Singles From Around Europe That You Should Be Listening To Right Now

In the past 2 months I’ve been making diverse music playlists on my Apple Music account and sharing it with people on social media. I’m overwhelmed with all the feedback I’ve been receiving. I’ve just learned that a group I featured on my recent noiregino // all around europe playlist called Lukas Graham is on course to be this weeks UK number one with their catchy single “7 Years” – the emotionally driven single infuses both pop and hip-hop as the lead singer Lukas Graham Forchhammer sings about his childhood, his hopes and dreams, and looking forward to turn 60.

Hearing this news inspired me to share 5 songs from around Europe that I believe have the potential to be successful across the English Channel in the near future. Some of these singles may have been released in the UK before, but as we all know most singles tend to be re-released and have been known to peak higher on the charts the second time round.

Alan Walker – Faded

The English-born Norwegian DJ Alan Walker originally released the single as an instrumental back in 2014 titled “Fade”, as the instrumental became popular he re-worked it by adding lyrics and vocals by Iselin Solheim and renaming it “Faded”.

Era Istrefi – Bonbon

Era Istrefi is currently generating a crazy buzz on the internet right now with this pop-reggae infused catchy single. Although it comes with some controversy with the usage of the N-word in the middle of the song (she has publicly apologised for her ignorance), “Bonbon” is a sure-fire single that should not be ignored.

Sabina Ddumba – Not Too Young

The soulful Swedish singer has only just recently released “Not Too Young”, but after a few listens you can tell this song has so much potential to be successful in both Europe and the UK.

Anna Naklab featuring Alle Farben & YOUNOTUS – Supergirl

Although this single has been around for nearly a year, it hasn’t charted in the UK yet but remember summer is only around the corner. The single is a cover of the German band Raemonn’s debut single.

Robin Schulz featuring Richard Judge – Show Me Love

German DJ Robin Schulz already has two number 1 singles in the UK, and “Show Me Love” has all the right ingredients to make it three.



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