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Hip Hop

A Cozy Message That Connects With the Young

HEN$HAW hails from London and has managed to amass quite a large following with his music in a very short time. His biggest hit is LOWKEY, and the rapper being relatively successful in the UK. Cozy focuses on a relatively less-discussed topic in today’s world; that “boys need love too” in response to boys don’t cry. HEN$HAW’s eagerness to explore further is exactly what brought Cozy to life.

In this track, the artist explains how his life is ‘cozy’ despite so many issues. If you listen to the lyrics closely, they have a relatively dark, complicated background. The song instantly connects with the youth – both boys and girls. The song is a bit of an underdog which, in our opinion, deserves more love than has been given to it. 

Cozy is slowly gaining traction, though, because of the message it sends and how relatable it can be for the young, not just in UK, but all over the world! 

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