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A Ray of Hope

This track from the talented Scottish artist demonstrates the power of song to spread hope. On her website, the artist revealed that ”A New World” was written about her move back to Glasgow from London with her new family. It outlines the new world she saw after they overcame their initial trials together. 

The artist chose to release this song now because she wanted to spread hope among listeners during these trying times. Because of all the darkness and hardships currently encompassing the world, she wanted to drop a little ray of hope, so everyone listening could start feeling the transition to a new, better world. 

The song is accompanied by an animated video that uplifts the mood instantly. The use of bright colors, wondrous characters, and whimsical surroundings complement the song’s theme. If you’re looking to hear a track that will inspire you and make you feel positive, this one will do the trick. 

Listen to the brand new album I’m Not Your Soldier out now Tantrum Records

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