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Discover your new favourite music like never before.

Whenever we get together for any purpose, whenever our emotions overwhelm us, we turn to music. 

In fact, music is fundamental to our very experience of being human, and with the music widely available right now, we are definitely missing out on the best. 

Let us connect you with the finest music of this age.

The Spirit of Music

Compared to 20 years ago, the music scene today has more of an influence on the world at large. While the internet has provided supreme access to music, it has also restricted what kind of music we listen to.

Our philosophy is that the music of the time is representative of its culture, and the ever-evolving music scene must be represented beyond Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendez.

Keeping that in mind, On the Come Up TV is taking you back to those good-ol’ radio days where new music was more than just a few established artists dominating the picture. 

This is why we say, we are restoring the spirit of music.

Discover New Artists and Tracks

The current top-charters have a complete monopoly over what kind of music the masses turn to. Our premier digital music dojo is making sure that talent, no matter how obscure, never escapes your eye. By bringing new artists and tracks to the fingertips of fans worldwide, we are shaking things up in the recording industry!

Multi-Genre Music

While dubstep and hip-hop may be catchy and perfect for dance parties, On the Come Up TV lets you experience other forms of music that may not be commonly seen. Whether it is pop or rock or indie- we have you covered.

Fresh, Raw, and Quality Music 

Music is not just techno and house- there is fresher, better talent to discover with On the Come Up TV. With raw, intelligent music that invokes emotion, our website focuses on multi-genre music that boasts of talent and intrinsic quality. Don’t believe us; check out for yourself!

The Cultural and Social Aspect of Music

If viewed in the light of culture and society, music is not just a discipline- it is woven into the very fabric of human civilization, evolving to be more and more complex as times and ages change. Our website tries to consider this aspect of music as a whole and tries to bring forward the artists that encapsulate the mood of today, and tracks that embody their attitude to the world.

Wherever on the planet, you are, whichever culture you belong to, there is no doubt that music is a language you understand. Head on to our discover section and find out which melody speaks to you on a personal level.

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