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Review | Joanna Erdos and the Midnight Show – ‘Go Team’ (Album)

Joanna Erdos and The Midnight Show have released their debut album ‘Go Team’ to kick-start their music career. An album they describe as Indie-Rock on iTunes, but Erdos rightly points out on her official website, that it’s more of a ‘heartfelt-piano-rock’ – ballads almost.

Wreckroom Records were clever enough to snap up Joanna and The Midnight Show, mid 2012, and have been perfecting the 10-track album to make it what it is – flawlessly meaningful and pure. The Brooklyn-made Joanna Erdos has deep sensual vocals and has been blessed with a huge vocal range.

The album is full of life and conviction with every note, having something particular to add to each track. It is often that songs of this genre are heartwarming and soulful; but it is not so common to find songs that are as catchy as those, produced on ‘GoTeam’.

Apart from Joanna, there are four other menbers who make up The Midnight Show: Andrew Zimmerman [bass], Darren Musatto [guitar] and Bayli Mckeithan on percussion – all of whom support with backing vocals. The harmony’s are effortless and simple; yet it would be far-fetched to find anyone who could reproduce them with such passion and depth.

The album is all about stories of epic heart break while, but manages to at the same time, have listeners in a feel good mood throughout the album. The melodic hooks make the 10-track project so captivating, which they decribes as a “musical slight of hand…which keep admiring fans singing along”. If you haven’t already stopped reading to check them out, they have a truly unique sound that pushes the very boundaries of the genre in which they exist.||||

Written by George Crowther

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