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Review | Phony Ppl – ‘53,000’ (album)

Phony Ppl push old school Hip-Hop formulas to a new place on ‘53, 000’ with their own sound which has been critically acclaimed by fans and critics alike.

The Hip-Hop/Soul band from Brooklyn, New York was founded in June 2009 by vocalist/writer/producer Elbee Thrie. ‘53,000’ is an experimental album with abrasive lyrics, smart lyrical flows filled with multi-layered sounds and a style that takes the old school Hip-Hop sound, and blends it with a new futuristic twist which the band themselves call – Brooklyn Soul.

Fa Collab’ is a standout track, filled with braggadocio rhymes over a sharp production that has the ability to keep your head nodding non-stop for 2 minutes and 28 seconds.

Phony Ppl are a young band, they have only been together for 4 years, but listening to this album it sounds as though they’ve been making this type of music for as long as The Roots. Other band members of Phony ppl includes Sheriff PJ (vocals), Elijah Rawk (lead guitar), Matt ‘Maffyu’ Byas (drums), Aja Grant (keyboards), Bari Bass (bass), Ian Bakerman (guitar) and Temi Okotieuro (saxophone).

‘53,000’ has a lot of throwback qualities with its old school Hip-Hop feel, and sample-driven sound that pushes this album into new heights.The band mixes both styles well, whilst adding their own unique sound that captivates the listener. If you’re into the likes of OutKast and Theophilus London then this album would be perfect for you.|

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