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Review | Ann-Marie Lataille – ‘The Voices made me do it’ (EP)

Will someone please call Mrs Carter, tell her to move aside! There is a new grown woman in town. Introducing the UK’s very own Ann-Marie Lataille, with her newly released EP ‘The Voices Made Me Do It‘.

Lataille graduates beyond backing vocalist ranks, to grace her audience with the soulful insight and hard earned wisdoms, of a mature heart, soul and mind.

The EP’s entire first half is an abundance of doting rhymes and boastful adorations. Ann-Marie Lataille is passion to the brim, spilling sweet sounds of healthy love and sensuality over upbeat tempos and jazzy twists. In tone and topic there’s an apparent Jill Scott vibe that hovers, but Lataille’s own story telling and introspective lends unique identity.

“Life’s So Hard To Handle” is where Lataille ’s mask of positivity slips. As if matching moods to melodic scales, low tones speak of past struggles and depression. With lyrics like “hit the alcohol that took away my pain/ prescription for the Prozac ease the brain” she allows listeners to eaves drop their way into her life. It is these dark truths that bring the record to an emotional peak – all intensely beautiful.

If there’s anything we can learn of Ann-Marie Lataille in listening to ‘The Voice Made Me Do It‘, it’s that she isn’t one for dwelling in sorrow. The singer/songwriter closes the EP on a high note – In fact, her final piece is a bonus track titled “So High”. It features rapper Guiltz on verses and Lataille has well returned to her bubbly, energetic self. Although the song’s production goes a little haywire in attempts to merge the genres of rap, reggae, drum & bass (and a Vengaboys type electro) into one, it ultimately broadcasts the carefree, creative and fun loving attitude of a great artist on the rise. ||

Written by Jessica Ankomah

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