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Apple iTunes Radio to Launch with 200 features part of iOS 7 Software

The long-awaited iTunes Radio will launch on September 18th with an estimated, 200 other new features as part of the new iOS 7 software.

Similar to its Rival, Pandora, the iTunes Radio service has been marked as revolutionary. Apple’s recent deal with all major record labels has given them the opportunity to feature over 200 stations with a large catalogue of music. Users will be able to directly purchase streamed songs through the use of “buy” buttons via iTunes as the song plays, or purchase it later from their listening history.

Everybody agrees it’s going to be good for the business,” Jim Urie, president of distribution for Universal Music, the world’s biggest record label, said recently.

Users will have personalised radio stations, tailored to their own taste based on the music they already listen to on iTunes.  Additional stations will be based on genre with others curated by Apple.

With a number of sponsorship deals from McDonald’s, Pepsi, Nissan and many others, backing the radio service, users will hear an audio advert every 15 minutes and see a video advert every hour.

The future of music currently relies on streaming platforms and services. But downloads still manage to generate huge profit margins for music companies, even though it’s had a recent slump in sales, due to the popularity of ad-supported streaming services increasing. Apple hopes their free radio service will boost download sales. As of recent, numerous cases regarding royalties, puts Apple in a great position in the record industry as a powerful new competitor.

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