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Amy Steele feat. Mario – Eyes On You

The former medical student turned R&B singer-songwriter, Amy Steele is back with her second single “Eyes on You”. The single featuring guest vocals from Mario will be released on 6th October.

The track from the outset is how R&B used to be; a classic slow jam that builds beautifully. Steele and Mario combine their vocal stylings to create a passionate and delicate track. The synth-like sound which is so common in most music lately doesn’t detract here. In fact it helps to keep the track light with its undercurrent of piano and drum beats giving the synth-vibe that all important R&B sound.

What truly catches the listener off guard with this track is that it is ridiculously simple, both musically and lyrically. In a time when the genre tends to suffer from too much, here Eyes On You is the exact opposite. It delivers a sense of familiarity because it’s classic R&B at its finest.

Produced by the UK’s Knox Brown, Eyes on You will feature on Steel’s upcoming EP.|||

Written by Maggie Sapet

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