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Audio| Ebony Ann Blaze – ‘Chicago Blue’

Relive a 1960’s, keys-and-mic type groove. Depths of authenticity, it’s the sound of soul. Be musically teleported to the golden age of fused Jazz, Gospel and Blues. It’s Ebony Ann Blaze, “Chicago Blue”.

Piano keys like rushing water and a broken hearted guitar being wilfully picked apart. This is only a portion of the story that is Chicago Blue. Ms James otherwise known as Ebony Ann Blaze, paints a picture using bottomless vocals paired with a perfect instrumental frame. Chicago Blue is looking back at what is no more, a regretful reminisce.

Blaze herself is originally from Santa Barbara, California which sparks the question as to whether or not she is singing of her own personal woes. If not, she sure has mastered a convincing tune. Listening in on Chicago blue was something like witnessing an Aretha Franklin pre-fame jam.

You can almost smell the cigar smoke in the air when ‘Chicago Blue’ resurrects a barn yard bar, sleek black dress and a pearly necklace vibing. It’s no wonder Blaze’s voice has lent to art and film projects globally; it has an exceptional imaginative quality about it.

If you’re one for candle light and sips of wine, this just might be you’re track. Embrace your inner for melancholy with Ebony Ann Blaze – Ms James Music, ‘Chicago Blue’.

Chicago Blue’ is available to purchase on Bandcamp!

Written by Jessica Ankomah

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