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Review | Hunter & the Bear – ‘Forest on The Hill’ (Single)

Hunter & the Bear have been catapulted into the spotlight after recently performing at the Hard Rock Calling Festival. The country trio, unquestionably won over a great deal of fans and took massive leaps towards becoming the next best folk act.

As well as the festival, Jimmy, Will and Josh have been lucky enough to play alongside acts such as Bruce Springsteen and Kasabian.

Whilst listening to their latest single, ‘Forest On the Hill’, I couldn’t help but notice the striking similarity between their sound and that of Mumford and Sons – both bands ooze ardor and energy, which enlivens and brightens the atmosphere with their melodic, soulful tones.

The very first twang of the guitar gives birth to a fresh, green blade of grass, which grows and multiplies into millions and before you know it you are floating weightlessly onto a magnificent field. The catchy, rhythmic melody is almost hypnotising – your legs set off on a dancing spree without you even being fully aware, and you can’t help but want to run around the field with sunshine and coloured ribbons. The lyrics verbalise sentiments of hope and promise, which combined with the lively tempo rend the song inciting and uplifting. It will undoubtedly pick you up and out from the lowest of moods and irradiate your perspective on life, now who wouldn’t want that?

“Forest On The Hill” single Out 29th September 2013

Upcoming tour dates

Tuesday 20th August – Notting Hill Arts Club, London

Saturday 24th August – Winstock Festival, Bath

Saturday 31st August – Bicton Festival, Devon

Saturday 7th September – Live @ Troon, Ayrshire

Friday 20th + Saturday 21st September – Loopallu Festival, Scotland||||

Written by Alisa Milchevskaya

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