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BBFC set to impose age restrictions on online music videos – could this change pop culture?

Recently the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) have made claims to introduce age restrictions for online videos.

It’s well known that today’s music video’s are not only outlandish, but out right pornographic. From childhood pop stars ‘twerking’ in nothing less than there underwear, to the use of violence and gun crime. Yet the real question is would it be so bad if the BBFC placed restrictions online? The answer is no. Of course there will always be the debate of ‘free will’ and parents should control their children. But preventing the viewing of such video’s may actually stop the younger generation from looking up to these people as role models. It may stop younger girls wanting to dress like ‘hookers’ and in turn preserve their innocence.

Now I’m not so niave to think that there will be a huge up haul on today’s perception, and that today’s teenagers will abandon their life and return to childhood. But if they cannot be influenced by the scenes then maybe at age 13 they won’t be inclined to copy them. Take for instance the likes of Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus or even male artists such as Robin Thicke – the scenes that they use within their music videos are not only inappropriate but just unnecessary. Woman grinding on men in plastic outfits, artists parading in their underwear – I’m not a prude but I certainly don’t want to watch that.

Today’s pop culture has certainly out done the ridiculous and more so now it’s clear that these woman are objects, they are not empowering.

Surely there is more dignity being clothed and idolised than having your boobs out and everyone gawking at you. So if the BBFC put restrictions online then maybe the younger generation might be less influenced by these people.

Should BBFC introduce age restrictions for online music videos?

How will this change attitudes to viewing music videos online?


Written by Katie Hetherington

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