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Joshua Luke Smith unveils Becoming Human for World Suicide Prevention Day

Joshua Luke Smith unveils a powerful audiovisual for Becoming Human in aid of World Suicide Prevention Day , which is a poignant piece of poetry that really gets to the core of an issue that is happening all around us.

Joshua Luke Smith stated  “I wrote Becoming Human to connect with the heart of our human story. In a driven culture based on success and stature, where is the space to become, to grow, to fall and then stand back up? In reality we connect at our most vulnerable. We all break sometimes. We all arrived here naked. We don’t talk about our weakness enough and that’s why I think so many of us feel lonely, isolated and disconnected.”

I can only urge that if you are going through a hard time , that you find someone to speak to and do not isolate yourself from loved ones.

Please share the video to raise awareness of Suicide Prevention Day on Saturday 10th September using the hashtags #WSPD16 #Samaritans #BecomingHuman

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