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Boog Brown Sun Up


Review | Atlanta based Emcee Boog Brown releases heartfelt project Sun Up

Boog Brown is an Emcee originally from Detroit but has made her mark in the Atlanta underground rap scene. She’s known most notably for her collaboration projects with producer Apollo Brown as well as her 2013 album The Late Bloom. The Late Bloom was my personal introduction to Boog Brown, an album that showcases her skill as well as it gave you a sense of her background and where she was at as a person. Outside of a few tracks here and there she’s mostly been quiet the past couple years which it is why I was happy when she released her EP Sun Up in late December.

Sun Up is the first of two EP’s Boog’s releasing the other is Sun Down and will be out in a few weeks. The intro to Sun Up is a clip where Whoopi Goldberg speaks about relationships and she touches on the idea that life has ups and downs regardless of who it is or their financial status, and I imagine that in essence are the themes of the two EPs with this one being the one that’s more of the uplifting side. Self-love and motivation are two of the biggest issues touched on the project. Tracks like “Chance” Ft. Eddie Meeks and “Glory” are fiery songs that find Boog and Eddie Meeks tag teaming about the fact that we’re all born with the tools and gifts needed to reach our goals and dreams it’s just up to us to work and reap the results. “Astroblack” finds her touching on the negative rhetoric the black communities regularly hear through media but how it doesn’t deter us  but only push us further. This EP, a lot like Rapsody’s Crown, are projects that are there to give that boost you need through your day.

Sun Up also feature some great production which handled by the likes of 14KT, Hazeworth, and Illastrate. All of whom have worked with Boog throughout her career, so there’s an obvious chemistry there. Much like The Late Bloom the EP largely built around soulful sounds to it particularly the intimate “Slow and Steady.” “Astroblack” is the type track that Boog’s voice fits snuggly on the smooth vocal loops on top a crisp percussion sounds great. There’s also some bangers here such as “Chance” a track that has a great thump and bounce to it I can imagine riding around too. The instrumentals both complement and on par with Boog Brown’s rapping.

Boog Brown

Listening to Sun Up was a refreshing experience. Boog Brown’s a rapper that’s very poetic in her delivery and is always heartfelt. What I respect most though is that the project seems inspired by her life and things she cares about and that she’s willing to wait for the spark of inspiration instead of just throwing music at us to “feed the fans.” I enjoyed this project and will be looking forward to what she come with next.

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