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British-Persian Pop-Rocker Tiger Lilly turns her frustration into new EP ‘Revolving Doors’

During a period in 2012, in which she says “her life was going round in circles” (hence the title), Tiger Lily conceived the three tracks for ‘Revolving Doors‘.

Following on from her last album ‘Memory Lane’, the new EP brings a more rocky edge to her discography with the pace of the opening track ‘Silence is Golden’. The guitar and her powerful voice grunge their way through on ‘Throw Me a Line’, before we’re soothed by the gentle acoustics of ‘Walk a Mile’. There is a tangible sense of release throughout the EP.

But catharsis is nothing new to the girl from Buckinghamshire. At the age of 12, Lily began to write lyrics to songs she hadn’t composed yet, as a self-administered antidote to the poison of school bullies. She’d go home, write, and then keep it all to herself, until only a few years ago when a colleague at work overheard a recording she’d made, and encouraged her to get her music out into the big bad world. That, combined with a life-changing trip to Egypt – where she made the unambitious vow to become an international superstar – has led to a growing fanbase and blossoming independent career.

She’s performed at the Olympics, sang on BBC Radio and appeared on BBC Persia, where I first saw her. As did my Dad, commenting on her performance with a simple, ‘She’s good, huh?’. A compliment from someone who usually only listens to traditional Persian music.

Keep your ear out for her PJ Harvey-esque deep voice and emotional lyrics, as I’m sure her popularity will only grow. And, as far as I’m concerned, anyone named after a character in Peter Pan deserves nothing but success.

Revolving doors’ is available to purchase on iTunes.| | |

Written by Fab Gorjian

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