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Review | Casinos – The Motionless Heron (EP)

Canadian four-piece Casinos have emerged from the depths of puberty, armed with a select few songs that delve deep into their young and impressionable minds.

Pounding drums force their way onto the EP opener ‘Revolva‘, and delivers an upbeat intro which then transforms, into a sultry guitar riff. Front man Kier C. Junos’ vocals blast through with youthful enthusiasm that successfully excites from the inside out.

‘So Smooth‘ is a true summer anthem, complete with punchy drum intervals and electric riffs. Full of fantastic musical intricacies that energise, revitalise and arouse the senses. The Motionless Heron’ seems to glide from strength to strength with each track.

Formed in 2008, the under-age, pre-pubescent quartet spent a few years honing their sound; growing with their music, before releasing The Motionless Heron in 2012. With an average age of 19, the Casinos (barely legal enough to set foot in an actual casino), seem to have crafted their sound to create an effortless, almost smug, tone to their EP showing their maturity as musicians.

EP closer ‘Canadian Disco‘ lyrically touches upon teenage love and angst; just as you would expect from a group of lads exiting their teenage years. Junos’ effortless vocal style carries the track until the full-band chorus, of “dancing fools at the Canadian disco” takes over.

Canadian four-piece Casinos may not be a household name just yet, but their latest EP is a huge step in the right direction of becoming one. The short but sweet three-track EP, combines all the typical indie attributes you’d expect to find on a Pigeon Detectives record, circa 2007. But with a more dynamic, edgy tone that lends well to the indie scene they seem comfortable within.

Written by Bryony Curtis

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