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DELEO : A Second Introduction

Hailing from Montpellier, France, Deleo is a 5-member pop-rock group whose musical output so far shows their eagerness to explore dark, complicated emotions. Their earlier single “Unfair” seems to talk about ennui and doom, and their newest track “Mythomania” is a successor of sorts to their earlier track; this comes as no surprise since it is part of their upcoming 4-track EP, being produced by veteran producer James Sanger (Dido, Keane, U2, Phil Collins). Deleo has described their sound as an amalgamation of pop, rock, and electronic music. Taking the best of each genre, the band has created a unique sound for themselves that is both dark yet soothing. 

The purposeful guitar riffs, the mix of calculated chaos created by the electronic music, and the variations in the vocals are greatly appreciated. The band’s vocalist Emy Eris does a fantastic job of conveying the dramatic tension behind the song, and the arrangement of the song is also very satisfying. The guitar strumming at the end by guitarist Nicolas Gaeremynck is an excellent way to close a song about unresolved feelings. This song is evidence that Deleo will be making waves on the music scene, considering that the band is quite fresh and yet has great musical chemistry.

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