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Delicia Talks About Upcoming EP and Kickstarter Campaign

Delicia Elliott is no stranger to the music industry. The gifted singer-songwriter began recording music at the age of fourteen, and continued throughout her formative years to showcase her incredible vocal talent at the likes of ‘I Luv Live’, and ‘music space live’.

Music is Delicia’s all-consuming passion, and with the goal of making the best music possible it makes sense that she’s launched a Kickstarter campaign with the aid of The Live Factory. The platform champions unsigned ‘urban’ talent, giving a leg up to artists who deserve to stand a head and shoulders above the rest. With a sultry, vaguely jazzy sound that’s been compared to the likes of Sade, the Music and Arts Management graduate is now looking forward to creating her second EP.

As an unsigned artist, Delicia believes that Kickstarter campaigns allow singer-songwriters like her to do things off her own back. “I don’t have a big record label behind me, so having the support from friends, family and fans is really important” she says.

As an R&B/Soul singer, it can be difficult to get things off the ground. Whereas bands tend to congregate in local scenes, and pop singers have no qualms about entering reality shows; what is evident when it comes to Eliiott’s work is that it comes from the heart, and she hopes to keep it that way. Her music is full “of honesty and real life stories”. Obviously, she aims for commercial success, but with her Kickstarter campaign she is able to ensure that she retains her own voice on the rise to fame. Delicia also believes that Kickstarter is a great pathway for artists like herself. “It brings new experiences and fans. A stranger could just be searching the website and come across your project and think, let me help them out” she adds.

“I’ve been singing my whole life and have never wanted to do anything else. Sometimes I don’t know how to explain my emotions so writing it in a song is the best way for me. I really appreciate it when people come up to me and tell me the song they like and that they could relate to it.”

It’s this sense of community which will help give autonomous artists like Delicia the break they deserve. Whether it be directly aiding her recording sessions or just having a listen to that voice, it’s high time that this star in the making reaped the benefits that her talent deserves.

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Written by India Thomas

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