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Review | End of Ever – ‘The Inside out’ (Album)

LA based pop rock quintet End of Ever, release their debut album ‘The Inside Out‘ full of catchy songs, from a band with some clear talent.

Opening with the poppy chorus of ‘Where You’ve Been’ with a country feel, they sound a little like a modern take on Fleetwood Mac. Softer, minimal sounds are used on ‘Carry Me Home’, a beautiful almost ballad sounding track with big vocals and high notes.

Guitar and piano create the upbeat, catchy melody of ‘Radio’ with a steady beat running throughout. The subject of love and break up’s mixed with a good voice – this is the perfect pop song.

‘Slide’ is the moment, the powerful vocals from lead singer, Dahni Piro, sounds its best against the piano. With a gentle beginning of vocals and acoustic guitar, ‘Don’t Go’ builds up with intermittent guitar strums and soft drums for the chorus; a song that shows the strength and talent of this band musically and lyrically. While ‘Here We Go Again’s fast paced beginning and catchy sound, will have you singing along until the vocal fade out.

The quite beautiful ‘The Inside Out’ starts softly with piano and country influenced vocals, 80’s ballad wailing guitars and old school soft rock sounds add a heavier element to the track. Final song ‘Shut My Eyes’ has a slight rock influence and a more upbeat tempo than some of the other 11 tracks. It’s a nice if not sudden ending to the album.

A good pop album that has a little of everything: a hint of country, a rock element and indie feel. Fast and slow, acoustic, ballad and danceable pop. A debut album the band should be proud of. | | | |

Written by Charlotte Pearson

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