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Review | Natalie Holmes – ‘Child’ (EP)


Natalie Holmes introduces her latest EP ‘Child’ with a burst of piano tones, that portray the gentle nature of the EP immediately.

Alongside the tranquil piano tones, Holmes delivers crystal clear vocals that sounds beautiful throughout the EP. Lyrically, its not full of hidden meanings and elusive hints, but for her stripped back approach to music, her sound and lyrical style works in unison.

‘Snakes & Ladders’ is a slightly more upbeat track than others in its introduction and hints heavily towards the childhood theme presented throughout. After the first chorus the true meaning of the song is uncovered – it’s a folk-pop, upbeat number that successfully creates variation from the tracks before.

Her influences, Gabrielle Aplin to name just one, are noted upon throughout the EP – to some extent she almost sounds too similar. However, within her chosen genre, Holmes has joined an army of soft voiced, piano/guitar playing women, so to stand out from the crowd is undoubtedly a hefty challenge. To pigeon hole Holmes would be an easy way out, but an unfair one also. For the 20 year old who is unmanaged and unsigned, what she’s shown is, she’s capable of creating a remarkable project.

‘Child’ is a carefully designed EP, with themes relating to the title either heavily played on or subtlety touched upon throughout – the front cover in itself shows a childlike Holmes, wide eyed and surrounded by toys and games. Her voice definitely leads the tracks, but whether that’s enough to withstand longevity in an industry so competitive and crowded, is uncertain.|||

Written by Bryony Curtis

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