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Mila Falls


Five Minutes with emerging Pop songstress Mila Falls

Mila Falls has toured with the likes of Chase & Status, Jason Derulo, Years & Years, Jessie J and even Jess Glynne.  Mila Falls is the definition of a rising star who is determined, focused and ready to take centre stage. She has received support from Radio 1, Kiss FM and Capital FM. I had the opportunity to sit and chat with her about her latest single ” Guilty Pleasure’‘, what motivates her and her future goals. 

How are you?

I’m good, just in my home studio today songwriting sorting out some admin. I have just got a track coming out on the next Pure Garage album. Very excited about that as I’m a true UKG fan so to have a record signed to that brand is awesome.

What is ‘Guilty Pleasure’ about and why did you write it?

‘Guilty Pleasure’ about the crazy feeling that takes over your whole mind and body when you first meet someone you are REALLY attracted to. That feeling when everything explodes each time you hear from them when you feel your heart pump out of your chest whenever you are around them. My music video for the track which is coming out very soon features me driving around 80s projected LA in a vintage Lamborghini Countach. The concept is that money can buy material things but you simply cannot buy love. Filming the video was definitely one of my favourite days on earth so far!So much fun!!! Can’t wait to release it.

What is your motivation as an artist?

My motivation as an artist is to be able to make people dance, smile or feel something. Listening to music has been something that I have done pretty much every day since I can remember. I started writing songs when I was a child so to have record deals and published songs is really a dream come true for me. If I could speak to my 15-year-old self now, I would say to enjoy the journey more, rather than be obsessed with other people’s opinion of success. Music and art, in general, is one game of opinions and nowadays a stats war.

Mila Falls What are your future goals?

This year I’m about to release my 5th music video, I am working towards a big London show in April with my band and we are also booking in for gigs abroad.

I am currently working with some amazing producers around the world on new records and I will be flying to other countries to be part of songwriting camps to song write for both myself and other artists later in the year.

Who were your main musical influences growing up?

I used to listen to Destiny’s Child, Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Fleetwood Mac and Van Morrison alongside hundreds of other bands and artists. I started collecting a lot of Vinyl at 13 and was a bit of a bedroom DJ! I was really into UKG and DnB. I started top-lining over instrumentals and then my first (rather s**t) songs were born. I must have written about 1000 ideas before I landed my first publishing contract a few years back. Takes a while to get it right!

How do you feel about the switch from physical formats to streaming and its impact on emerging talent such as yours?

I think things like Instagram, Youtube and Facebook have made the distribution of music much easier. You can reach people around the world quickly and that really exciting. However, I do still like being able to hold music in my hands on a CD or Vinyl. That’s why I always try to have physical distribution for all my releases through my label too. It feels more special somehow to have the artwork printed out and to be able to play a CD in your car, it feels finished. Finishing music is always something I find hard as a writer and artist. Saying “it’s done, you can judge it now!” is always terrifying.

What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

Hmm, I have had many times where I have thought, this is what I dreamt of and have I actually achieved this?? Playing shows to thousands of people is always an adrenaline rush. Overall, I am really blessed to make a full time living from singing and writing songs. I have done for years now and I still love it, I still get excited by writing songs and performing and couldn’t imagine doing any other job right now.

What live dates do you have in place for 2017?

Next UK show is 16th April at Richmix, London

Name your top 5 favourite outfits

Gold jumpsuit by Fuudlondon

Vintage dress by BonnieBlondeVintage

Banana Two Piece by TypicalFreaks

Green sequin dress by BeyondRetro

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