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Electronic and Dance

Five Minutes with multi-instrumentalist Swedish producer Skogsrå

Skogsrå is a multi instrumentalist producer hailing from Sweden. I got to have a chat and find out where he got his name , his initial inspiration to start music and the creative process. Skogsrå is definitely a producer to watch out in 2017. 

How are you?

Hey there, I’m good! Pleased as punch.

How did you get the name Skogsrå and what does it mean?

I was alone in my first ever place away from my parents’ home, lying on the bed and happened to remember scary stories my mom used to tell me. One about a creature called Skogsrå came to mind, a guardian of the forest, mysterious and beautiful; naked with her back hollowed out like an old tree. She’d sometimes be caring, sometimes malicious. And that duality appeals to me. She’s also cool so hell.

Where did it all start from?

My dad’s CD collection, I think. The CD-switcher in our car was in the back so I got to sit and choose records and that was the best thing in the world to me.

How did you become part of Perfect Havoc?

After quietly releasing my first single I took my eye off of the Internet for one day (to celebrate x-mas) and stuff just kind of happened. I was approached by and spoke to a lot of nice people, but one duo definitely felt more personal than the rest so the choice was easy. It didn’t hurt that they also had two of my favorite artist already onboard, and I was and still am so, so stoked to be a part of that team.

What’s the creative process like for you?

I’m not the kind of guy to ever have a shortage of ideas, they’ll come from all over the place, I just have a… crippling case of perfectionism (I’m working on it).

So it kinda goes like: fun > extra fun > less fun > pain > agony > suffering > release > yayy

Since you are a multi-instrumentalist, what would be your most favourite instrument and why?

Picking one, I’d have to say keys. Mainly because I’m the freest with it in terms of getting ideas on paper, but also because it’s such a versatile instrument. It’s my most used tool and also the cheapest gadget in my studio. Get a midi-keyboard, son.

What musical influence has had the most impact on your current direction?

Justice got me into electronic music, like for real, and then RAC came along and expanded my appreciation for pop. I have had so many things influence me but I think those two changed my direction the most in getting to where I am now.

Artists from Sweden have had a lasting effect on Pop music, why do you think this is so?

I don’t know, but we’re all very aware and proud of that. If I had to give it a guess, I think it happened because pop had been mostly escapism and party-talk for a while. In Sweden (and the rest of the Scandies) we know our misery, and in my opinion, make a little more honest, real-life, human pop.

Are you working on new music at the moment?

YES! A remix for the always amazing Oliver Nelson is coming out soon and I also just finished my next single, so I’m really excited about that. Plus, loads more projects to finish as always.

If you could collaborate with an artist, who would it be and why?

Probably someone outside of music, a filmmaker perhaps? Christopher Nolan according to my IMDb… I would love to compose music to a story. Also, he makes me cry. If we’re talking music, then Tove Lo. She’s without a doubt the coolest girl in the world.

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