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Five Minutes with experimental Hip Hop duo Standing Ovation

Standing Ovation is an experimental hip hop duo consisting of producer Bronze Baby Shoes and rapper The Character. They recently released their brand new project ” Coliseum” and I got to chat with them about the creative process, how candlewax records came about and their plans for 2017.

How are you?

Bronze Baby Shoes: Fantastic

The Character: Chillin

Who is in SO and who does what?

Bronze Baby Shoes: I produce, record, mix, and manage Candlewax Records.

The Character: Lyrics, music videos, aesthetics.

How did you end up creating the group _SO?

Bronze Baby Shoes: We recorded and put out records for 13 years as Nine: Fifteen. Our sound and mission changed. The Character had this vision and we just followed it.

Who were your musical influences while growing up?

Bronze Baby Shoes: Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Fugazi, Madlib…

The Character: 90’s Hip Hop, 70’s jazzy, Drum and Bass music. I really liked how D&B DJ’s would maintain a feeling throughout the set.

How do you create music?

Bronze Baby Shoes: I usually send The Character a beat or two a week. He chooses what he wants to write to. Since I live on the east coast and he’s on the west coast we usually try to plan a trip to record our work.

The Character: I’m lucky I get the first choice on BBS production. When he sends that heat I have to respond.

What was the process in creating Echo Park?

Bronze Baby Shoes: This EP was recorded at a five-day visit to Echo Park Los Angeles. The anticipation and excitement of travel, desperation and exploration of sound rotate peacefully on this perfectly centred piece of work. “Echo Park” is the sum of Freedom.

The Character: A lot of exploration with the sound still trying to figure out what works vocally, sequence wise, still searching.

Coliseum How was Coliseum conceptualised?

Bronze Baby Shoes: Years of working together. Having a vision and trying to see it all the way through.

The Character: By the time BBS comes to visit I usually have about 4 to 6 beats which I turn into songs and then we come up with a name for the project. It’s a really laid-back process but naming the project really gets the visuals going for it.

How has the response been for you since the release of Echo Park & Coliseum?

Bronze Baby Shoes: Overall, it’s been positive. There’s really no in between. People either get it. Or they don’t. They either love it or hate it.

Your sound is very different. How are you managing to create these sounds? What is the inspiration?

Bronze Baby Shoes: I just keep working to get better and grow. My inspiration is seeing our vision as a group all the way through.

The Character: We are very big on being innovators sometimes that clouds my perspective but the overall goal is to do something new/fresh.

Vinyl or Cassette or Compact Disc. Which one is your favourite and why?

Bronze Baby Shoes: Analogue is generally warmer. However, this comes down to how lazy I am. If I feel like turning the record player on and picking out a record to throw on the turntable.

The Character: Vinyl I like seeing the record spin.


What plans do you have for 2017?

Bronze Baby Shoes: We’re planning on releasing a very limited amount of vinyl records for COLISEUM. Literally, we pressed 10. We also did a very short run of cassettes. I’m looking forward to getting those out. I’m also working on producing a few other EP’s for some DC groups and working with various MC’s. Hoping to collect some new tracks with a lot of different folks in 2017.

The Character: We also have an untitled project as of now that will come out and some more music videos.

Name 10 Tracks that Influenced your musical directions and why?

Bronze Baby Shoes: I listen to so much music that it’s hard to really identify certain tracks as influential. What’s really influenced me is movements. Mainly, the independent hip-hop movement of the early 2000’s ie: Stones Throw Records. More recently, Tyler the Creator, Yung Lean, Pouya and the $uicide Boy$… Anyone that’s created something from nothing and been able to acquire a devoted fan base has a bigger influence on me personally.

The Character: James Brown: Mans World(raw AF), Freddie Hubbard: Yesterday Dreams(nobody still this cool), Diamond D: Feel The Vibe(mastered the bass loop), Nasty Nas: NY State of Mind(Peak of lyricism), Louie Armstrong: What A WonderFul World(everyone’s Dad), Darondo: Didn’t I( vocal range insane), Ol’ Dirty Bastard: Cuttin Headz(raw AF), Michael Franks: B’Wana-He No Home( always in a pocket), Michael Jackson: I Can’t Help It( understood the concept of funk), Gustav Holst: Mars (could create meaning with sound)

How can our readers connect with you?

Twitter: _SO_SO_SO_SO

Instagram: sostandingovation

Stream the brand new EP


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