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Review | Foreign Fields – ‘Tuscaloosa’ (Album)

Having released their debut album ‘Anywhere But Where I Am’ last year, this duo, originally from Wisconsin, are back following it up with a new and utterly brilliant, five track release ‘Tuscaloosa’.

Starting slowly with the intricate sounds of an acoustic guitar, vivid pitched vocals comes in on ‘Pillars’. The echoing voices add a haunting beauty to this gentle opener which builds steadily with padded out percussion, creating a folk inspired track.

Banjo, harmonica and Southern tinged guitar all meander throughout on ‘From The Lake To The Land,’ giving it that authentic country sound. The dual vocals mash well together creating a richness of sound and something pleasing to listen to, neither voice distracting from the other.

Names and Races’ is the longest song on the EP at over 6 minutes long. It’s another quiet one with soft guitar, hushed vocals and the inclusion of strings towards the end, adding grandness to the delicate musicality and calming atmosphere that is present, throughout.

Tame percussion and gently plucked guitars are used as the foundation of ‘Mountaintops’, which points all the focus towards the singing. Much like the final track ‘Fake Arms’ which layers whispered vocals over the top of country tinged guitar strums, like those gone before, this is just the bare bones of what is necessary.

Foreign Fields have created a stunning EP full of magnificent music; a beautiful ambience, stripped back songs with brilliant vocals and storytelling lyrics, that speak for themselves.

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Written by Charlotte Pearson

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