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Gloria Adereti releases new single ‘’ Nobody’s Watching’’

Gloria Adereti releases a foot stomping new record ” Nobody’s Watching”.  The single aims to continue Gloria’s ascent on the UK’s electronica music scene following a string of recent collaborations with the likes of Richy Ahmed on “The Voyage” and “Put Me In A Trance”, the latter being championed by BBC Radio 1. She also features on Diesler’s “Birds & Bees” and producer Adam Curtain’s latest track “Looking”. We had a quick chat with her about how she gets inspired and what’s in store for the future.

So how did you manage to connect with Cy Humphreys on this new record ‘’ Nobody’s Watching’’? 

Me and Cy actually met at university, I was a regular at his club night Audio Farm , he has a mad tale of how we met but I never remember it! A couple of years later I posted on Facebook that I was working with an old school dance  DJ and he got in touch, I sent him a track I was working on and he created this mix for it. And the rest is history!

When you write music, do you speak from experience or from what surrounds you ?

I do a bit of both. When I first started writing I actually started writing poetry first about 3 years ago. I would write a lot about personal experience. I used to write about relationships a lot! But as I get older I take influence from my surroundings and things that are happening in society and how that makes me feel. We are living in a strange time and its perfect to document it in a song!

gloriaWhat is your vision of where you want to be musically in the next couple of years ? 

I would also love to be musically more mature with my songwriting, singing and approach to subjects to help me make credible music.  I think we can always learn something new, and that’s what I want to do. For instance I want to play the piano!! I feel like a fraud as I cant play any instruments at the moment but I am learning! I would also like to continue working with producers within house and techno, as well as moving into different electronic sub genres such as DnB, trap and bass. My ultimate dream would be to create an album of the collaborations I have worked on.

Your sound is very 90s , do you do this intentionally or are you simply paying homage ?

It’s a mixture. I am a 90’s baby and I love playing homage to the era which shaped me, I loved the sleazy bass lines, big vocals and the lasting harmonies, it adds so much emotion to songs that I think some modern day approaches lose. But I do like to use modern day sounds to make my tracks too. You can expect a mixture of intentional nostalgia, some non intentional and a unique take on sound with the music I create.

Pick one – Bass lines or Synths ? and Why 

Bass – always. I think a bass line can make or break a track, it makes you dance, want to jump around, get down, whatever it is. The bass is the heart of a track! You have to let it beat.

Do you have any live gigs coming up? 

Im taking a break at the moment with gigs, working on my new material and EP. But watch this space in the new year!

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