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Google Launches All Access Music Service in European Countries

Just three months after its debut on the US market, Google has made its subscription-based music streaming platform available for the users of a few European countries.

Unfortunately, the short list of the lucky countries that received Google Play Music All Access support only contains nine names, and a new expansion doesn’t seem to be part of Google’s plans in the near future.

Therefore those who live in Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxemburg, Portugal or the UK will be able to try the Google Play Music All Access for free for 30 days.

Those who will join the Google Play Music All Access by September 15th will also benefit from a promotional subscription price of £7.99 per month. Otherwise, the full price of a subscription for the online music streaming service by Google is £9.99.

Just as the name suggests, the Google Play Music All Access service provides a virtually unlimited selection of music, composing of millions of songs that can be heard anytime, using any compatible terminal that has access to internet.

The Google Play Music All Access subscribers will have access to playlists made by enthusiasts, song suggestions for your favourite artists and recommendations based on your musical preferences.

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