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HEN$HAW cuts his teeth as the worlds of punk and rap collide on the snarling “GO YARD”

Tapping into the lifeblood of the London music scene, 19-year-old rapper HEN$HAW spits venom with a kind of confidence we haven’t seen since Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols. His working-class roots have stoked the fires of his disillusionment, and now, on “GO YARD”, we have an inferno. Guitars groan like a rusty switchblade, and the drums toll like a death knell. HEN$HAW’s delivery is incisive, tearing down the borders of the worlds of rap and punk, proving that they more similar than they are different. It’s a philosophy that bleeds into his lyrics, which delve deeper than a fuck-you to the Tory government: “It’s really a metaphor for the state politicians have left the country in, and if you listen carefully, I hope people will understand that.”

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Words by Sophie Walker

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