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If you want to make it as an artist, must you have a music video?

Since the launch of MTV, music videos have evolved and become an integral part of an artist’s career, as well as the music industry.

MTV’s launch in 1981 was met with mixed reviews; some people saw it as the start of a new era where the song was no longer the main focus. Others considered it as a bad thing, which would bring an end to true musical talents, as music videos would be more focused on the artist/band’s appearance, instead of their singing ability.

However music videos are now essential to an artist/band’s success as they are considered just as important as the song itself. A lot of people nowadays, like a song due to having seen the music video online, or on a music channel. If the accompanying visuals for a song is great, then they are more likely to purchase the single. Essentially videos generate income – they promote an artists music.

So therefore, if you want to make it as an artist you must have a music video – one of the main purposes of a music video is to tell a story behind the song’s lyrics. It also gives up and coming artists/bands a platform for branding and establishing their own image. There are a lot of free video making tools and resources online to help artists and bands on a budget create music videos.

As an up and coming artist or band, releasing a single without a music video will only get you plays on platforms such as SoundCloud, MySpace and Reverb Nation, and probably help you gain a few fans if the single is strong enough.

Artists have to aim higher and give the fans more.  Many fans expect a video to accompany a single they have heard. So originality, creating a memorable music video (this does not have to be on a big budget), will not only promote your single, it will enhance your brand and image, and encourage a bigger fanbase.

If you want to make it as an artist you must have a music video?

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