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Interview | Five Minutes with rising East London hip hop artist JSB

JSB is a hip hop artist hailing from East London  , who cites Michael Jackson , Jay-Z and Nas as his influence in music. I got to sit down with JSB and find out when his musical career began , what made him rap and what Young Future Entertainment is.

What does JSB stand for?

JSB is an initial to my full name which is Jonathan Samuel Baker most people in my family started calling me JSB, as I am my fathers junior. So we have the same name so they would call me JSB to separate us.

When did you begin your musical career?

I have always been a lover of music since a young age – listening to the likes of Michael Jackson, Jay Z and Nas but I really started seeing music as a career back in 2007. When I produced my first ever song “Let me be free” I would not like to hear that song now haha.. But yeah 2007 was the year I began to believe that I could begin this journey of becoming a professional recording artist.

Baker Street CoverWhat hip hop song made you want rap?

I would not say it was a particular song that made me want to rap, I remember listening to Jay Z “The Blueprint” album and being like yes! this is what I want to do. Songs like “Never Change” and “Song Cry “and “Renegade” resonated with me so much. I’m a big fan of storytelling music and after listening to that album I was inspired to start pursuing a music career.

What has been your biggest live show to date?

It was back in 2008 back in my country I’m from Liberia. They were doing a big live concert called “Liberia Unite Against Aids” in our national stadium and I was the opening act for a huge Nigerian artist at the time called “2face” I performed in front of 15,000 people , it was unreal… I was so nervous but I rocked the show and it was such a great experience.

Do you believe hip hop In the UK will ever flourish as it has in the USA?

Hmm… I don’t think to the level it has in the USA because of a cultural difference. But I do believe with the right promotion and the right artist i.e myself lol it has a place in the UK market.

Congratulations on the release of Baker Street, tell us what was the process to create a varied and muti layered project?

First of all thank you, umm… I worked on Baker Street for a year and half in my homeland of Liberia with a producer out there called Steam. I was going through a dark time, I had just lost my father and was going through family issues so music was my release. I wanted to capture that feeling. but also make music that anyone of any age that like any genre, would be comfortable listening too. Plus, I wanted people to be able to listen and everyone to be able to have a favourite track on the project. The first song I recorded was “Past year” which became the intro n that song I spoke about my father passing and the issues I was facing. I went on to recording “What I Live For” YFE Bitch” And “Party Time” me and the producer had great chemistry and I believe it shows on the project I believe.

What’s The Response Been Like?

It’s been positive so far… a lot of people like the project and say its very well produced and varied for all listeners so I met my target on that. But I feel I still have more to prove on this project and want to get t to more people so they can understand the hard work I put into making this project.

Do you have anything your working on at the moment?

Yes… I’m back in the studio recording new music trying to work with some new artists and producers and hopefully I will be able to follow up Baker Street with more great music in the near future.

How can fans interact with you?

I’m constantly on my twitter and Instagram which is @JSBuk for both, plus if you message me on my Facebook fan page I will respond to you as soon as possible.

Lastly, what does young future entertainment stand for?

It stands for Young Future Entertainment The Dream The Movement The Label I started it as a way for people to identify what I was trying to do and I want it to be a corner stone in the UK Hip Hop scene the UK version of Def Jam in leaving a legacy 20 years from now.

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